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My three P's: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.



– Robert Wise

I started editing when i was around 15. Heavily into video games, I decided to start creating my own little 'edits' of me gaming for me and my friends to watch. Sounds sad I know. But I quickly realized I had a knack for editing and decided to try and follow it further.

With my dad being a photographer, I thought I would try my hand at weddings, I loved the idea of creating something special for people that they would treasure and watch for years to come. It slowly became what I specialized in and now it has become my main passion.


Looking for CINEMATIC wedding VISUALS?

I offer expert cinematography specialising in weddings and promotional material. Got a project you want me to work on? Let's chat.

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I pride myself on my work and the high regard that previous clients hold me. Take a look at some of my previous work below, this is only some of my favorite pieces.


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 Why Choose me?

I'm Creative

Being able to point a camera at something is great, but creating something is completely different. I pride myself in my creativity and not just being able to capture how a moment looks, but also how it feels with expert videography and editing techniques.

I'm Punctual

One of the last things you want to be worrying about is the videographer turning up on time on your special day or on shoot. With choosing me, you'll never have to worry, i'll be on time or early, guaranteed!

I'm magic

Or at least you'll think I am by the end of the day when i have filmed your whole day with you barely knowing I'm there. I believe that you shouldn't notice your videographer unless it is necessary, the best moments come naturally.

I love minimalism

Minimalism is key when it comes to filming weddings. Technology has come a very long way in the recent years and for us Videographers that is great. It means we can create high-end visuals, while keeping our gear small and our kit minimal.

I'm responsible

Experience isn't just about knowing how to work a camera, it's many things, including knowing how important my services are to you. With booking me you can feel like your in safe, responsible hands.

I'm Friendly

My aim is always to make you feel comfortable having me there on the day. I would never want any of my clients to feel like you have a stranger there on the day, i'll strive to build that relationship up before the day even comes where i need to film you.


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